Grass owls

Will they survive?

Small owl struggles to compete with major developments

African grass owls are unlike any other South African owl species, seldom seen but known to nest on the ground among grasses, in marshes and wetlands. In South Africa, grass owls are listed as vulnerable and numbers are declining rapidly. African grass owls have already completely vanished from south-western South Africa and Lesotho, and there are numerous threats in areas where they are still present. Gauteng is one of the few areas where these owls still occur, but they are in competition with a relentless killer… urbanisation! Unfortunately, prime habitat for grass owls is also highly sought after land for development, but conservation of remaining grass owl habitat is essential to keep this species alive for future generations. Little is known about grass owls but thanks to new research by Matt Pretorius from EWT, we will be able to learn more. We go on a search through Gauteng in hopes of finding one of these elusive grass owls and hear more about the dangers ahead for this species as well as the efforts to save them.

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Will we ever find one of these owls?

Our search for a grass owl continues through the Gauteng grasslands…

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