White Lions

White Lions in the wild What is their status? Should they be protected? White lions are shrouded with mystery. These almost mythical creatures are a rare colour mutation of the Kruger lion population and a prized sighting for anyone finding them in the wild. They were...

Stainbank zebras

Zebra foals dying What's happening to the zebras at Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve? Are the zebras in trouble? The Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve is only 15 km from the busy city centre of Durban, founded as a nature reserve in 1967 and now a refuge for a...

Grass owls

Grass owls Will they survive? Small owl struggles to compete with major developments African grass owls are unlike any other South African owl species, seldom seen but known to nest on the ground among grasses, in marshes and wetlands. In South Africa, grass owls are...

Exotic Pet trade

Exotic Pet trade New legislation will regulate the trade in Gauteng What's happening with exotic pets in Gauteng? The exotic pet trade is a multi-billion rand industry. Breeders and dealers all over the world advertise and sell animals. Ever year, millions of...

Concrete jungle in Paradise?

Concrete jungle in Paradise Major development planned for Plettenberg Bay Development and Conservation A new development in Plettenberg Bay proposes almost five hundred residental units, a five star hotel and a yacht club, changing the face of this quaint town forever...