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My name is Bertus Louw.  “Mopkop” refers to my hair.  It’s Afrikaans for “mop head”. I also have other nicknames, like “Взрыв в макаронная фабрика”.  That was what a bunch of kids called me on a trip to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.  It means “an explosion in a noodle factory”.  It also refers to my hair.  I have traveled a lot, survived a massive earthquake in Indonesia, an explosion in Kurdistan and the air pollution of Johannesburg.

I studied film and video technology and spent a lot of time behind the cameras.  I also qualified as a field guide, because I love people and spending time in the bush.  Now I work in front of the cameras as a field presenter for a South African environmental TV show, called 50|50. Since the end of 2014 I also produce stories for them – it is so much fun and I get to spend a lot of time in the bush with all kinds of interesting people. In October 2015, I was privileged to receive an environmental media award from the SAB.  One of my other passions is finding solutions.  One of the most effective and fun ways to do this, is through facilitated sessions by a company called, Synnovation.  I am part of their team of facilitators and love it!

Whenever I get a chance, I go home.  Home is a tent on a small farm in the Northwest Province of South Africa.  There I am busy pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle with a bunch of friends.  I am busy building a treehouse, so hopefully I will be out of the tent before Christmas (year not specified).  We are also growing our own veggies, get water from a solar-powered bore-hole and are in the process of getting off the electricity grid.

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